Foreign investors who want to open companies in Dubai have various choices with respect to the industries they can choose. This is because the oil and gas sector is no longer the only important industry in the UAE. However, in order to obtain the desired attention and reach they must have as good advertising and marketing strategy.

The scope of marketing and advertising companies has increased to a great extent. A lot of people are moving towards this business because they feel like there is more potential for them.

One of the main things, why the advertising companies are growing, is that they provide the primary services and not the final products. As time passes by, the company set up in Dubai can add some more primary services to promote itself more for starting a business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

To establish a marketing and advertising business, local and foreign entrepreneurs must comply with certain guidelines: 

Requirements for opening an advertising and marketing company in Dubai

It is not difficult to open an advertising and marketing company in Dubai, but these companies must adhere to the advertising standards published in the Official Gazette of the UAE. These requirements were published by the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and require all advertising organizations to submit their ads to the Authority with the Regulations and Compliance Commission.

The following are requirements imposed by the KHDA in Dubai:

  • must respect the religious beliefs
  • must respect people’s privacy
  • a non-offensive communication
  • must fall under the name of the parent company
  • must carry an impartial operational environment
  • must convey accurate information

Services offered by advertising and marketing companies in Dubai

A melange of advertising activities is available to be offered through an advertising agency in Dubai. A business is chosen considering the prerequisite and budget.

The KHDA provides for the following means of promoting advertisements:

  • Printed ads;
  • Pillboards;
  • Radio and television ads;
  • Multimedia advertisements;
  • Email ads.

The Stages of Acquiring an Advertising License in Dubai

A smooth but time-consuming operation is required to obtain an advertising or media permit in Dubai. The phases for obtaining an advertising license in Dubai are listed below.

  1. Initial Approval Certificate, IAC 

On submitting the relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development DED, Initial Approval Certificate, IAC takes an initial approval by submitting all relevant documentation including the passport copies and additional required documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  1. Trade Name Certificate, TNC

Trade Name Certificate issues trade name reservation and payment, TNC is the second major step in setting advertising business in Dubai.

  1. Office Requirement

Once IAC and TNC are ready, the new company name records Office rental contract. Minimum office requirement to set up any license under DED is 200 Sq/Ft. It also depends on activity; some activity needs 500 Sq/Ft. Rent for the office also varies the location or Area.

  1. Signature on Memorandum

The documents require Memorandum signature as the last step to acquiring the advertising license in Dubai. This event takes place in the court with all partners.