Dubai has one of the world’s finest infrastructure for land, sea and air transport. This has resulted in many companies moving or starting transportation activities here and has encouraged foreign investors to set up new transportation companies in Dubai. Dubai has become a major transportation hub with many incentives given in all the free zones.

Types of transportation companies in Dubai

A foreign investor who wants to set up a transportation and storage company in Dubai is recommended to establish the area in which he or she will perform the activities, whether in the Emirates only, or beyond the borders of the UAE.

The logistics services in Dubai may concern the maritime, air and land transportation, but keep in mind that such business must also provide the necessary support for creating a warehouse for storage purposes.

Transportation and storage legislation in Dubai

Foreign investors interested in establishing a company in the transportation industry must fulfill certain criteria relating not only to the transportation but also to the storage of products.

  • The transport regulations applicable to maritime companies;
  • The regulations applicable to road transportation;
  • The Federal Law No. 9 related to Road Transportation.

Reasons for opening a transporting and storage company in Dubai

The infrastructure in Dubai is one of the advantages an investor considers when deciding on opening a transportation and storage company in Dubai. This helps the business grow in a fast and considerable manner and can help entrepreneurs expand their areas of interest not only in the UAE but also on an international plan.

One can establish a courier company or can think of freight businesses in Dubai. Specific goods which also involve the dangerous ones can be stored and transported by your company in Dubai.

In Dubai’s free zones, companies are allowed to be 100% foreign owned and furthermore, there are no taxes on profits, other advantages of the business environment in Dubai. The strategic location of the UAE allows entrepreneurs to offer logistics services around the world, by sea, by air, by sea or by land.

Registering a transporting and storage business in Dubai

The registration of a business operating in Dubai’s transportation and storage industry must begin with the preparation of a set of documents prescribed by the Commercial Law.

The following types of transporting and storage companies are quite common in Dubai:

–  Freight companies;

–  Courier companies;

–  Companies transporting and storing specific goods, like dangerous ones.