Dubai is one of the major hubs of international trade. It is the place to import, manufacture and re-export several types of products. One of the most important items in Dubai is cosmetic products. 

Registering a cosmetics company in Dubai

The registration process of a company selling cosmetics in Dubai is no different from other types of businesses and implies preparing the incorporation documents, filing them with the Department of Economic Development and applying for a commercial license.

Then, the company must follow a special procedure in order to be able to sell cosmetic products in Dubai shops.

In order to import and export of these products, the government of UAE wants to register them according to international standard.

  • Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai is compulsory before Importing, selling and distributing in the local market. Therefore any company who wish to import, sell or distribute cosmetic products in Dubai must register those products.
  • Cosmetics registration in Dubai can only be done under a local company which holds a valid trade license in Dubai Mainland or in UAE free zones.
  • The product must comply with the requirements set by health & safety department.

Benefits of Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

  • Label protection and brand protection
  • Gives access to profitable markets of Dubai, UAE and other countries of Gulf
  • Gives rights to import, manufacture, and re-export cosmetic products
  • Tax-free or very low tax business opportunity
  • Complete assistance from the government of Dubai

The validity period of product registration

The period of validity is 5 years following the registration of the product. After this period, an extension may be requested and evaluated.

Procedure for Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai

  • Formation of a new company. The first requirement for cosmetics product registration is a UAE based company because any product registration can only be done under a UAE Based company. This company can be a Dubai LLC or a Free zone company
  • Registration of the Company with Dubai Municipality. After setting up a company, the next step is to register the company with Dubai Municipality. This is lengthy processes as the documents should be submitted to DM along with proper information.
  • Apply for label assessment. Once your company is registered with DM then you are ready for label assessment. You must give a sample of the product to Dubai Municipality along with the product label which is also called artwork.
  • Product label. The label must comply with regulations of Dubai Municipality and provide typical information. There are certain requirements for the label which should be fulfilled before submission.