Dubai Logistics City (DLC) is the world’s first multi-modal integrated logistics platform. DLC incorporates more than 25 sq. km of the free zone and serves every transport mode, logistics need and value-adding operation in the supply chain, including manufacturing and assembly, all within a single-bonded, free zone environment.

Benefits and services by Dubai Logistics City

Dubai Logistics City Free Zone is said to offer a number of services. In addition to transport via sea to air or air to air communication, a number of activities are carried out here. Manufacturing, packaging, labeling and also merge-in-transit are some of the other activities. It also deals with warehousing services and a great customer care service for the partner companies and clients. They have introduced a number of modern technologies and modern strategies that can increase the development of the distribution channel.

Being the world’s biggest platform for the logistics industry, DLC provides numerous benefits for companies that start a business in it. The top benefits of starting a business in DLC are:

  • It is a personalized sector built to cater to the huge requirement of logistics
  • The free zone offers 100% foreign ownership, free transfer of capital, and exemption from income tax.
  • DLC is a built-apart corridor connecting DLC via Jebel Ali Port.
  • The landscape covers a sprawling area providing a home to over 7000 companies, including many of the 500 fortune club companies.
  • There is a pre-built warehouse facility, custom-built units for freight forwarders, and a separate lane for heavy vehicle movement.
  • DLC is into a comprehensive tax arrangement for the UAE, African and North Asian countries.
  • It has a well-defined distribution channel catering to African, South-East European, Middle East, and SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation) countries.
  • The visa regulations are liberal and the workforce is easily available, with visa services for labor, transportation, and other purposes.

Company Registration in DLC

Dubai Logistics City offered license to only those companies that are intently similar to logistics business. For free zones registration for DLC companies should go through several steps.

  • To fill the application form.
  • Documents submission (that includes passport, lease agreement, CV, etc) with a plan of the business.
  • Power of attorney that should be attested.
  • The legal representative should be appointed for the company.

After a detailed analysis of the documentation, DLC authority gives approval letter, business visa from Dubai government and license from DLC authority.

Licensing Options in Dubai Logistics City

Logistics companies in Dubai are taking advantage of DLC and providing favorable licensing options contributes to the achievement of Dubai’s logistics businesses. Companies setting up their company in DLC can choose one of the following license types:

1. Logistics License

You can handle products and logistics services such as storage, distribution, inventory management and transportation, order management, forwarding, sorting and clearing within the UAE, but not allowed to sell them within the UAE.

2. Industrial License

You may deal in light manufacturing such as blending, purifying, repacking, mixing, wrapping and assembling products using noiseless machinery or laborers.

3. Trading License

A trading license grants authorization for storage, distribution, importing, exporting and selling of products which are specified in the license. The selling of finished goods and products is allowed within the UAE only through a licensed local distributor or agent.

4. Service License

A service license permits an individual or a firm to carry out activities like training, insurance, consulting and catering.

5. Education License

This license holder can carry out operations in the field of education, educational consultancy, and social services.