Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, also known as SAIF Zone, is one of the most exclusive free zones in the UAE. It is built adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport.

SAIF zone provides appealing business opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors. SAIF zone is known as the symbol of efficient operations – the better alternative for business ventures in the UAE and across the world.

Sharjah Free Zone is the best place to set up your business not only because of its foreign investment benefits but also because it provides access to over 2 billion consumers in the Middle Eastern and North African region. Its strategic location makes it easy and convenient for transportation and logistics purposes.

The lowest cost and best quality of warehouses, storage areas, container parking, bunkers and labor housing are available. SAIF-ZONE provides an unlimited assistance of your company and provides sponsorships and visa services for in-house employees to ensure a smooth transition to a fresh job.

Advantages of Starting a Company in SAIF Zone

SAIF zone is dedicated to quality and excellence. SAIF zone companies benefit from the following advantages:

  • Freedom of foreign ownership and repatriation of funds without any currency restrictions
  • Availability of choice of location for business and plots in different sized pre-built warehouses and office spaces
  • Exemption from corporate and personal income tax
  • Transfer of funds and stable currency linked to the US dollar without any hidden charges
  • 100% exemption for all import and export taxes
  • A business license issued within 24 hours
  • A well-built and resource-rich strategic location

Licenses available to entrepreneurs in the UAE


Commercial license:

Import, Export, Distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing of items specific in the license. Maximum limit is three similar product lines. 

General trading license:

Can be obtained under a commercial license which allows a large number of products.


Industrial license:

Activities allowed for this license are Import of raw materials, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging and exporting the finished product. 

(Clearance from SAIF Zone Health & Environment Department is required).


Service license:

Service license allows the holder to carry out service specified in the license only within the SAIF-Zone. All type of services is allowed within the SAIF-Zone unless otherwise restricted by the Federal or Local authorities.