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Offshore registration in the UAE is relevant if the operations of the company are to be carried out outside the UAE and there is no need for a double taxation treaty. In addition, there are some significant limitations that apply to such firms.

  • Conducting business only outside of the UAE, prohibition of cooperation with local companies within the territory of the country, but a possibility to buy shares of local and foreign companies.
  • You can set up a UAE offshore company is the following free zones: Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Ajman Free Zone and RAK Investment Authority Free Zone (RAKIA).
  • UAE offshore company can conduct any activity permitted by the state legislation, apart from insurance and banking.
  • Registration of an offshore in the UAE does not provide a residence visa.
  • Office rental is prohibited.
  • Offshore company Jebel Ali free zone allowed owning real property in the country, but the list of prohibited activities also includes consulting.

For those who want to acquire a residence visa, tax certificate and business in the UAE territory, it would be the best option to open a company in a free zone.

Despite the restrictions, UAE offshore companies are widely used in international trade and deals.