Dubai is one of the most prolific emirates in the UAE due to its free zones which provide for numerous advantages when setting up free zone companies. One of the most sought free zones is Jebel Ali Free Zone, which is one of the first free zones the Emirate has enabled. Jebel Ali Free Zone is currently the first trade zone to be established between the largest seaport and airport in the world.

Starting a business in Jebel Ali Free Zone has many advantages, among which an outstanding infrastructure which benefits logistics companies and one of the best environments for doing business in Dubai.

Great number of business licenses 

Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the free economic areas in Dubai, providing a simple and contemporary company environment for those who want to engage in different kinds of economic activities. The large number of business licenses that can be issued by the JAFZA Authority and the types of structures available for registration support this environment.

The licenses available for starting a company in Jebel Ali Free Zoneare:

  • The trading license which is available for those interested in trading activities;
  • The industrial license for foreign and local businessmen completing manufacturing activities;
  • The service license which is available for those providing various types of services in JAFZA;
  • The e-commerce license which provides for an easy creation of online businesses;
  • The national industrial license – JAFZA is the only free zone issuing this type of license;
  • The innovation license which is issued for research and development activities.

The incentives foreign investors may benefit from in the Jebel Ali Free Zone

Foreign companies operating in Dubai free zones benefit from exemptions on import duties. Also, if concluding partnerships with other Dubai companies may benefit from other exemptions and incentives. Foreign companies may apply for trade and industrial licenses in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. Most companies in the Jebel Ali Free Zone deal with exports. Among the incentives foreign investors may benefit from in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, there are:

– Full foreign ownership of companies,

– Full repatriation of capital and profits,

– There is no minimum share capital for setting up a company in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone,

– The shareholders’ responsibility is limited to the capital invested in the company,

– There are no corporate or personal income taxes,

– There are no currency restrictions.