Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) is strategically located at Dubai International Airport. Dubai Flower Centre is a new hub of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century. With the explosive growth in global trade of flowers and perishables, there is an increasing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions to enable the industry to reduce transit times, improve quality and grow profits.

The DFC phase 1 was finished in 2004 with cost ends up around 50 million dollars. The flower center still undergoing as two more phases are under construction. This centre will be completely automated in 5 to 7 year to handle all flower products; it starts with semi-automated structure.

Advantages of setting up a business in DFC 

  • Strategic location within Dubai International Airport
  • Unprecedented opportunities in logistics and trans-shipping
  • World’s best cool chain management
  • Rapid consolidation and trans-shipment
  • Large temperature controlled operating area
  • Computerized tracking system
  • Handling diverse product ranges
  • Tax exemption for imports and exports
  • Facilitates and supports efficient commercial transactions
  • High quality and standards maintained by the authority
  • Easy access to European and Asian markets by flights that take less than 8 hours

Services provided by Dubai Flower Centre:

  • DFC is developed as trans-shipment nerve centre, with global connections daily. The processes developed and design to make sure rapid transit times.
  • Cool chain that is world’s best management.
  • Expedite and support to allow dynamic commercial transactions.
  • Cost effective value addition.

Business Activities Allowed in DFC

Any activity related to perishable items like floriculture, horticulture, fruits & vegetables, etc. is allowed in DFC. The free zone also allows:

  • TradingLogisticsRetail
  • Types of Business Entities in DFC
  • Free zone EstablishmentFree zone company Branch of a foreign company

Type of  licenses issued in DFC

There are two types of licenses issued in DFC:

  • Trading License
  • Service License

Steps for  Setting Up a Business in DFC?

1. Filling & Reviewing the Application Form

Companies wishing to set up their business in DFC are required to fill in an attached application form with documents for the authorities to review the same. Once the request has been obtained, Dubai Free Zone authorities will examine the company’s history, suggested business operations, space specifications, etc. and issue a Preliminary Letter of Approval (or letter stating that the request has been rejected) within 30 days of receiving the request, unless the applicant requires extra data.

2. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The approved applicants will be sent a Provisional Approval Letter, along with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), outlining the basic terms and requirements of operating in the Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone. 

3. Submit the Legal Documents

Upon receiving the Provisional Letter of Approval, the applicant should forward the required legal documents within 30 days to ensure reservation of office/warehouse space and registration of the proposed entity.

4. Documentation Review and Final Approval

Upon receiving the documents, a final approval letter will be forwarded to the applicant within two weeks along with the lease agreement and an invoice covering the Trade License Registration Fee and first year’s rentals. The applicants should fax back to the Dubai Flower Centre the final approval letter, endorsing their acceptance within one week.

5. Lease Agreement and License Issuance

The applicants must assign an authorized signatory who will sign the lease agreement and collect the trade license. Payment of the invoice covering the trade license registration fee and first year’s rental must be received prior to or in parallel with the aforementioned step. This should occur within one month of acceptance of the final approval letter.