Dubai is a breathtaking city that has had a complete makeover in the last 20 years. It now has an attractive balance of old and new, with a Western business model. Dubai is known for its ability to attract foreign investors and remains a trading center between the East and the West. For these reasons and more, Dubai is alluring to entrepreneurs. Here you will find the basic steps to opening a real estate company in Dubai.

How to choose a type of structure for the real estate company in Dubai

There are several types of business forms that can be used to set up a real  estate company in Dubai. The decision belongs to the future owner and depends on how big the business is going to be. The preferred structural kinds are:

–  The sole proprietorship;

–  The limited liability company;

–  The civil company;

–  The free zone establishment.

What activities can you perform by a Dubai real estate company:

The activities which can be performed by a Dubai real estate company are:

–  Renting properties;

–  Acting as representatives of owners when selling a property;

–  Consultancy services;

–  Property management services.

Requirements for real estate brokerage businesses in Dubai

To open a real estate, you must have a very specific documentation. You must have a sales knowledge, a high school diploma or a degree in Real Estate. Therefore, large real estate companies invest in courses to train their new professionals who will work alongside the client list. Also, owners, partners, managers or directors of a real estate company must have the documentation of a simple firm with the opening of a registration number, as well as being individually enrolled in the Regional Council of Realtors.