Foreign investors interested in the hospitality industry in the UAE can set up various types of businesses in any emirate. However, Dubai is one of the most sought tourist destinations in the UAE, therefore starting a restaurant or any other type of food business can bring significant income to an investor.

Following the general trend, catering businesses have also gained popularity along with food trucks, representing now one of the best business ideas in the restaurant industry.

Setting up the type of catering business in Dubai

Once you have decided to join the food industry with a catering company in Dubai, it is suggested that you set up a business plan and choose which type of customers you would like to serve. For instance, your catering company in Dubai may address to corporate or private events in the city. Offering a wide range of menus should help an entrepreneur win numerous clients in search of both traditional foods in the Emirates or international ones.

Why start a catering company in Dubai?

A catering business in Dubai doesn’t involve high costs and it is suitable for single entrepreneurs at the beginning of their career, especially in an industry where easy money can be produced.

Licenses for a catering company in Dubai

You’ll need to secure a commercial license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and before that, you’ll need to decide on the structure of your proposed business. Sole proprietorships are only possible for UAE or GCC nationals. Expatriates can set up a limited liability company, with an Emirati sponsor who owns 51% of the business, a joint venture or a free zone entity.

How to open a catering business in Dubai

Regardless of the type of structure selected or the size of the business, when opening a catering business, the Dubai company formation procedure is compulsory.

Once the business is registered, the owner must ensure that the establishment meets the food safety and the public health conditions imposed by the authorities.

The Food Safety Department in Dubai will inspect the premises and issue a catering business license for this purpose.