It is not difficult to decide on a company in Dubai as the generous market provides plenty of possibilities in most significant and highly valued sectors. The one for selling household goods in Dubai is a good business idea, given that the retail industry is not only permissive for foreigners, but also in constant development. 

What are the most sought household goods in Dubai?

For those who want to set up a business to sell household items, there are many choices, however Dubai is a great market for the following goods:

  • Furniture products for houses, but also for office spaces – both modern and vintage furniture items are appreciated by Dubai citizens;
  • Large household appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines – Dubai locals change these appliances every 2 to 3 years;
  • Electronic devices for houses, such as TVs and air conditioning units;
  • Other types of products which have short lifespans, such as electrical sockets and outlets.

No matter the type of goods sold in the Dubai shop, the owner must fulfill with certain requirements imposed by the local authorities.

What are the rules for selling household goods in Dubai?

A business to sell household goods in Dubai can be set up in Dubai’s mainland or even better, in Dubai’s free trade zones for several tax advantages and 100 percent ownership in the business. When you open a company to sell household goods in Dubai, you can also follow the following laws:

  • For exported products, a trading license is necessary for Dubai;
  • Bear in mind that the shop must respect the designated area in terms of square meters for exposing household products;
  • The advertising and promotion in the shop should respect the Competition Law;
  • All products must be sold with invoices and warranties.