All the health facilities in Dubai are regulated by the Ministry of Health. It also covers under its purview issuing licenses, registration books, and other such important certifications for pharmacists. In order to obtain a license from the Ministry, the owner of the pharmacy first has to apply for an authorization letter from the Health Regulation Department. The Dubai Health Authority has set in place a comprehensive regulatory system which must be followed by those looking to set up a pharmaceutical company in Dubai.

Types of pharmaceutical businesses in Dubai

According to the UAE Ministry of Health, there are several types of companies one can establish in order to sell pharmaceutical goods in Dubai. These are:

–  Pharmacies through which the sale of registered drugs, pharmaceutical products produced by the pharmacy and medical supplies is permitted;

–  Para pharmaceutical business which can sell various types of supplements and beauty products;

–  Drug stores which are allowed to import, store and distribute pharmaceutical products to wholesalers or pharmacies;

– Pharmaceutical production companies which need special licenses for producing, testing and marketing such goods.

Requirements to Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Dubai

In order to register your pharmaceutical company you need to submit the following documents:

  • An application form
  • A copy of the tenancy contract
  • A preliminary approval of the premises
  • A copy of the owner’s passport
  • The blueprints of the location of the pharmaceutical company
  • A copy of the location license issued by the municipality
  • The architectural planning issued by the architect or other experts in Dubai, duly certified
  • A list of the employees and their certifications

What are the regulations for importing and selling pharmaceutical products in Dubai?

The pharmaceutical market is dominated by foreign companies with subsidiaries in Dubai. In order to regulate the manufacture, import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, the health authorities have enabled the Federal Law no.4 in 1983 referring to the medicines and pharmaceutical compounds. The same law establishes that all companies or individuals manufacturing or selling pharmaceutical products in Dubai are required to obtain a license before starting operating.

Licensing of Dubai companies selling pharmaceutical goods

There are four authorities with which pharmaceutical companies in Dubai must register. These are:

– The Dubai municipality which will issue the license to operate the facility in the emirate;

– Te Ministry of Health which will issue the license or licenses for producing or selling pharmaceutical goods;

– The Department of Environment which will authorize companies producing and selling pharmaceutical products;

– The Customs authorities, in case the company will import or export pharmaceutical goods.

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How to set up to pharmacy business in UAE

First Step:

There are two steps to get pharmacy license in Dubai. You will require initial approval as well as final approval from relevant authorities for this purpose. For initial approval, you will be required to deal with Health Regulation Department (HRD). This approval will take around 10 days.

Second Step:

For second approval, you will be required to contact Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Ministry of Health. All the required documents will be submitted after which the license will be issued. This license will remain valid for 1 year after which it will be required to renew. The second approval usually takes 20 days or so.